21. April, 2022

For the first time, Mercedes-EQ electric automobiles will be presented in Latvia

For the first time, Mercedes-EQ electric automobiles will be presented in Latvia

Mercedes-EQ electric cars will be on show at the Mercedes-EQ booth at the “Auto 2022” exhibition for the first time in Latvia from the 29th of April until the 1st of May. Those interested will have the opportunity to learn about the newest electrical intelligence achievements in the automotive industry, including the technology flagships EQS, EQA, and EQB, as well as the EQE, which will have its premiere in the Baltics.

In recent years, Mercedes-Benz AG has achieved an impressive pace of electrification. By the end of the year, a fully electric car under the Mercedes-EQ brand will be available in every segment represented by the company, with more than 130 models in production. "By 2025, electric cars will account for 15 to 25% of Mercedes-Benz AG's total sales," says Jānis Dambītis, Mercedes Ambassador in Latvia. The term "EQ" stands for "electrical intelligence". It incorporates cutting-edge technology, driving dynamics, and futuristic luxury.

EQS - the most aerodynamic production car in the world

The world's first luxury electric sedan, the EQS, will undoubtedly spark the public's interest at the show. In every way - technology, design, usefulness, and connectivity - EQS sets a new benchmark for this segment. The EQS has the world's best cd value of 0.20, making it the world's most aerodynamic production automobile, thanks to a completely new body concept. The EQS meets all of the requirements of the advanced S-Class category, with a range of up to 770 kilometers (WLTP) and power of up to 385 kW. EQS also announces the arrival of a new battery generation with much better energy density. The customer has access to up to 107.8 kWh of battery capacity. EQS is also the first Mercedes to offer the ability to use the wireless update capability to activate completely new in-vehicle features (OTA). This means that even after the initial car configuration and purchase, functions will be configurable according to personal preferences throughout the duration of the vehicle's entire lifecycle.

The EQS is a highly intelligent vehicle, with up to 350 sensors depending on the configuration. Distances, speed, and acceleration are all recorded, as well as lighting conditions, precipitation, and temperature, seat occupancy, driver’s eye movements, passenger dialogue, and even cabin air quality. At incredible speeds, the control units process data and make decisions. Furthermore, EQS is constantly expanding its abilities thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). The optional automatic comfort doors and rear wheel steering of 4.5° or 10°, which makes the more than 5m long luxury car feel agile in city traffic, are also worth mentioning in the context of the EQS.

The MBUX Hyperscreen is another impressive feature of the EQS. It's a panel-screen that runs from one car door to the other. The user interface is incredibly intuitive and offers individualized recommendations for a variety of entertainment, comfort, and in-vehicle functions. The MBUX Hyperscreen is divided into three zones: the instrument panel on the driver's side, the multimedia and climate control control zone in the centre, and a separate zone on the passenger's side. To ensure excellent display image quality, all screens use OLED technology. An 8-core processor and 24 gigabytes of RAM are what provide the computational power to the MBUX Hyperscreen. The analog ventilation turbines that connect the digital and physical worlds are also integrated into this enormous digital surface.

EQE - a business class sedan that follows in the footsteps of the EQS.

The second model based on the fully electric body architecture (EVA2) is the business class sedan EQE, which will mark its Baltic debut at the Auto 2022 expo. The EQE is smaller than the EQS, but it shares the same interior design and equipment as the EQS. MBUX Hyperscreen, automatic comfort doors (front), and rear axle steering are all available as options on the EQE. In terms of noise and vibration comfort, the EQE is one of the best in its class (NVH). The EQE users have access to a battery capacity of 90 kWh and a range of 650 kilometers. EQE, like EQS, allows users to activate new features via OTA.

EQA and EQB - Athleticism and capacity

Mercedes-Benz AG's EQA is the company's first fully electric compact automobile. Thanks to a number of key aerodynamic enhancements, such as an almost fully closed underbody and specifically designed Aero wheels, it is a very athletic and efficient car. It reaches about 430 kilometers (WLTP) on a full charge. The EQB, with its optional third row of seats, is ideal for large families or carrying a wide range of cargo.

Each of these vehicles elevate the driving experience with innovative driving assistance features, comfort, safety, and quietness. The Mercedes-Benz User Experience infotainment system, hard drive navigation, EASY-PACK tailgate with electrically operated opening and closing, Keyless-GO, LED High Performance front headlights with adaptive high beam assistant, smartphone integration, rear view camera, and 64-tone Ambient lights are all standard on both models of the Mercedes-EQ family.

Along with the EQ, Mercedes-Benz AG also becomes a mobility service provider.

A full range of Mercedes me services are now available. The app's intelligent services offer a variety of features, including remote pre-trip climate management, route planning with Electric Intelligence, and paying for charging services with Mercedes me Charge. Customers can simply identify public charging stations and use the services of charging stations from various providers, starting with EQC, thanks to EQ-optimized navigation.

"The goal of the service is to ensure that electrical mobility can be easily planned, clear, and harmonious," explains J. Dambītis. "With over 450,000 AC and DC charging points in 31 countries, Mercedes me Charge customers now have access to the world's largest charging network."