Need to wash a truck or bus? Easy!

Need to wash a truck or bus? Easy!

Clean and shiny cars not only serve better, but also have a positive effect on the image of each company. In recent years, passenger and freight traffic has grown significantly, and the car fleet has grown accordingly. A large vehicle car wash is designed for all makes of cars, vehicle shapes and sizes, which are as diverse as their intended use. It is also conveniently located - "Rudeni 1" Salaspils par., only one kilometer from the bypass A4.

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Our customers are both public and private transport companies that perform freight transportation, vehicle fleets, taxi fleets, bus fleets, travel agencies and other companies.

  • The car wash serves cars and buses of any brand.
  • The premises allow to accept vehicles up to 24 m in length and 4 m in height.
  • Trucks can be washed in full (trailer does not need to be removed).

truck-wash.jpgOur car wash combines mechanical car washing using a brush system with hand washing using high pressure washing. The washing system will rinse ice, wash stubborn dirt and effectively wash any buses and trucks, even with complex body shapes (tanks, mixers, car carriers, special construction equipment, etc.), as well as solutions for thorough interior cleaning based on the customer's wishes.

Our professional cleaning methods and car care products will make your car shine like new!

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"Rudeni 1", Salaspils par., LV-2118

Workshop Centre

Address:Abrenes street 12, Riga, LV-1003
Phone number: (+371) 67 099 888
Mobile phone: (+371) 27 777 021
24/7 road assistance: (+371) 29 488 557

Body work service

Address:Kurzemes prospectus 59, Riga, LV-1067
Phone number: (+371) 67 099 888