Advantages of authorized workshop

Choosing the right auto service is a serious decision – vehicle repairs are not only a financial and time investment, the quality of the repairs are directly linked with the road safety. Finding a reliable auto service that can deliver a positive experience through the quality of their work and attendance, is a great relief to any car owner. The criteria that are so important in the search involve various aspects – the quality and the timeframe of repairs, the costs involved, the client service, the spare parts used, the durability of the repairs performed etc. The question often arises - why should one choose an authorized auto service. Here is a list of advantages of the authorized Mercedes-Benz auto service:

The repairs are performed according to the technologies specified by Mercedes-Benz AG and Daimler Truck AG

 The authorized auto service has an access to databases, schemes, software and special instruments that facilitate the process and allows to perform defect diagnostics and repairs quickly and effectively.  each part or system repaired will comply with the highest technological standards set by the manufacturer and will ensure high quality performance.

Original spare parts used for the repairs

ThE original spare parts guarantee high quality, proven safety and full compliance with the two year warranty standards set by the manufacturer (it is one year for trucks). when you choose to use the original spare parts, you can be sure that each of them will fit perfectly the particular vehicle;

The use of special instruments and equipment during repairs

Using the proper instruments and equipment is a great relief for the professionals that allows them to finish repairs in the given timeframe, determine the precise costs involved and inform the client beforehand  (the cost are calculated based on the standards set by the manufacturer – time for each task in minutes). If the repairs are done without the professional instruments or the equipment specified by the manufacturer, it can cause damage to the vehicle and repairs afterwards can exceed the initial costs.

Informational and the technical support provided by the manufacturer

Information is definitely one of the most valuable assets – the certified auto service participate in regular training programs organized by the manufacturer, the technicians are certified specialists, they have access to the most current information, detailed technical data. Thanks to the informative base provided by the manufacturer, workers at a certified auto service have precise and thorough knowledge about each model, they can effectively fix any technical problem or defect; if the problem is too complex, manufacturer’s expert (with a special diagnostic equipment) is available on a demand.

Availability of the original spare parts

More than 18 000 item spare part supply is available at the certified Mercedes-Benz warehouse. The timeframe for a standard spare part delivery from the producer is 1 only working day that considerably shortens the time needed for your vehicle repair. We also offer the original Mitsubishi Fuso Canter and Maybach spare parts.

Two year warranty for the repairs and the spare parts

When you have to choose an auto service, a certainty about the sustainability of the repairs performed and the financial investment must be one of the fundamental criteria. Mercedes-Benz authorized auto service provides warranty not only for the spare parts used, but also for the work performed letting you feel secure - the repairs performed in this auto service is an investment that pays off.

Performance of the preventive maintenance specified by the manufacturer

Mercedes-Benz authorized auto service Veho provides all the planned obligatory preventive maintenance for all Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The change of oil and filters are not the only things on the service list prepared by the manufacturer, there is a wide range of other tasks that need to be performed. If the client choose to have the technical service at an authorized auto service, he or she earns the advantages of Mobility program, possibly – the manufacturer’s voluntary discount awarded for large-scale repairs during the post-warranty period, and a professional care for the vehicle.

The manufacturer’s voluntary discount awarded after the repairs performed during the warranty period

MeRcedes-benz cares about the customer satisfaction and wants to continue to deliver the highest quality after the warranty expires. the manufacturer will consider a possibility to cover expensive repairs (fully or partly) based on a voluntary principle. the pre-condition for awarding the manufacturer’s voluntary discount - the preventive maintenance must take place at an authorized auto service.

Technical assistance free of charge and the mobility programs

If the preventive maintenance is performed at an authorized Mercedes-Benz auto service (this applies to passenger cars and vans) and a technical problem occurs, the manufacturer will ensure that the client is back on the road without any hesitations. Without additional costs the following service offer and benefits are available: a technician on the call and repairs done on the site, transportation of the vehicle to the auto service, reimbursed taxi fare or public transport tickets up to 75 EUR, airplane or train tickets up to 400 EUR for each passenger, hotel bill reimbursement for all passengers while the vehicle is at the auto service.

Quality control

The manufacturer ensures a constant product quality control and improvements throughout the vehicle’s lifetime. The authorized auto services will provide all the quality sustaining operations determined by the manufacturer free of charge. These tests are not possible at the independent auto services and the possible repairs will involve costs.