Regarding quality and recall campaigns

The priority of Mercedes-Benz is vehicle quality and safety. Therefore, the technical condition of cars is also monitored during their operation. In cases where, under specific circumstances, certain components of the car are likely to fail to comply with the strict quality requirements of Mercedes-Benz, a quality improvement campaign may be launched. Whereas, if there is a possibility of even a slight risk to public safety or human health, a recall is announced.

Both quality and recall campaigns are limited exclusively to specific batches with potentially non-compliant cars or cars with specific equipment. The cars included in the campaign are identified by a chassis (VIN) number.

Within the framework of the quality campaign, Mercedes-Benz informs the owners of the car in question about possible improvements by sending a letter or during a service visit. In the event of a recall, the manufacturer's representatives always contact the owners of the cars individually to arrange for the car to be inspected and for any defects to be rectified. Works performed within the campaign are free of charge.

If you would like to check whether your car is included in a quality improvement or recall campaign, please contact us, indicating your vehicle chassis (VIN) number.

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