Truck warranty services


Actros- Axor -Serviceline [AAS] is an idle compensation service for your Actros, Antos and Arocs vehicle in case of a long-term guarantee repair or a repair with the manufacturer’s discount.

If, due to technical defect, your truck shall not be operable or the operation thereof on roads shall not be safe in Latvia or any other state covered by AAS, and a guarantee repair or repair with manufacturer’s discount shall take place, Mercedes-Benz service centre will perform all the possible actions to provide for your vehicle to keep moving within 24 hours from the moment of commencement of the repair.

Where the warranty repair or repair with manufacturer’s discount exceeds 24 hours, general representative of Daimler AG in the state, where the vehicle was sold and registered, will compensate you for the idle period amounting to 180 EUR per each full business day the vehicle in in the repair workshop.

* Compensation: compensation credit voucher can be used for covering the bills for repair services, purchase of original parts or accessories of Mercedes-Benz in the trade organization of the state, where the vehicle was bought and registered for the first time.

AAS services shall be valid for 2 years from the date of first registration of your vehicle.

AAS shall apply also to all the new vehicles first sold by the official Daimler AG dealer in Latvia and registered and operated in Latvia at the moment of application. Mandatory precondition: all maintenances must be performed in due time pursuant to the manufacturer’s instructions and in repair centres authorized to provide maintenance of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles.

The service [AAS] shall enter into force with the moment of issuance of a repair order with a written indication regarding AAS service contained therein. To ensure your vehicle can be used as fast as possible after the occurance of tehcnical issues, all you have to do is to call Service 24h. Our phone +371 29488557 will always be your safe support.

AAS shall not be valid, if:

  • at the moment of issuance of a repair order, no written indication regarding AAS service is contained therein, and, at the moment of completion of repair, no reference regarding the date and time of commencement and end of the repair is contained therein;
  • one or several maintenances of the vehicle have not been provided in a repair centre, which is authorized to provide maintenance for Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles;
  • the vehicle is being used for rent;
  • the vehicle was involved in an accident or other facts regarding external impact (for example, collision, hit by stone, theft, and such), or consequences directly or indirectly caused by the abovementioned factors have been found;
  • a tyre defect has been found or repair shall be required, caused by negligence of the owner, driver, or third party;
  • the defect has been caused by participation in sports race, manoeuvres, learning drives, or similar events;
  • the defect has been caused by modifications in the construction of the vehicle, body equipment of other manufacturer, or installation of parts, which were not authorized by Daimler AG.