Vehicle body repairs, paintwork

A great precision, professional experience and the right equipment is need for vehicle body repairs and paintwork. Ltd. Veho specialists will make a thorough appreciation of any vehicle body repairs necessary and the costs involved beforehand. To follow the Mercedes-Benz repair technology specified by the manufacture is of a great importance, high quality standards and a precise performance of the tasks is the guarantee for an outstanding paintwork quality.

Veho vehicle body and paintwork service centre in Riga offers high standard and professional post-accident body repairs. Experienced and professional specialists will help to determine the best repair process for your vehicle, they will make a certified vehicle body repair cost calculations using the methodology issued by Motor Insurer’s Bureau of Latvia, and they will complete all the formalities involved to receive the compensation from the insurers, regardless of what insurance company you have chosen.

Veho service centre – vehicle body repair offer:

  •  All the possible vehicle body repairs; 
  • Vehicle tuning and conversion – AMG, Brabus; 
  • Vehicle body paintwork; 
  • Vehicle body polishing using NANO technologies; 
  • Restoration and painting of the plastic parts; 
  • Vehicle glass replacement and tinting; 
  • Vehicle body post-repair washing and cleaning; 
  • Post-repair interior cleaning; 
  • Interior dry cleaning using NANO technologies.