The key to maintaining the life and smooth running of a car is to have it regularly serviced according to the Mercedes-Benz factory guidelines. ASSYST is very handy here.

ASSYST – Active Service System - is a tool which helps car users to schedule the routine technical maintenance of their car according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

Each car has its own maintenance schedule set by the factory, and it is both mileage- and time-based.

ASSYST collects data from the vehicle sensors and control units, driving habits and driving conditions, and use them to draw up a customised maintenance schedule.  The system details what items need to be replaced or what units need to be serviced. The system is flexible and tailors itself to your driving habits.

The system is expected to give the following benefits:

  • Time planning – the information about the service required will be displayed in a timely fashion on the multifunctional display each time you switch on the ignition.
  • Protection of your investment – your car is constantly ready for use.
  • Save money – prevent high, unforeseen costs later by completing service repairs now.
  • Maintain the car’s value – helps to preserve the resale value of your vehicle.
  • Protect the environment – routine maintenance of the car guarantees that the emissions from your vehicle will never be out of the permissible range.
  • Increase vehicle safety – fixing problems in a timely fashion will prevent possible accidents in the event a system in the vehicle breaks down.