9. May, 2022

For the peace of mind: Mercedes-Benz extended warranty

For the peace of mind: Mercedes-Benz extended warranty

Domenikss reminds that the best way to protect against unforeseen expenses is the extended Mercedes-Benz warranty. In case of damage, the warranty insurance will cover the repair costs, and your car will be taken care of by a highly qualified dealer who is already familiar with your car since the manufacturer's warranty.

The new car extended warranty can be obtained at the time of purchase of the vehicle or at any time while the vehicle is covered by the manufacturer's warranty. The used car extended warranty is suitable for vehicles that do not have a manufacturer's warranty, such as when the manufacturer's warranty has expired or the car has been imported. The used car extended warranty can be applied to vehicles that are not older than 10 years and have a mileage of less than 180,000 km at the time the policy takes effect.

Mileage limit

Taking into account the car's odometer reading at the time of signing the policy, the owner can choose the most suitable mileage limit for the extended warranty. The new car extended warranty has mileage limits of up to 100,000 and 150,000 kilometers, and both types of warranty have a mileage limit of up to 200,000 kilometers and even 250,000 kilometers if the car qualifies as a commercial vehicle.


Expiry period

A car that qualifies for an extended warranty can have it granted for 12, 24 or 36 months (only under the new car extended warranty). If you have purchased the new car extended warranty and it has expired, you can immediately choose the used car extended warranty to keep the car protected without interruption.


Types of warranty coverage

There are three different coverage options available for both types of guarantee: full risk, 15 component and 7 component. Each type of coverage provides different warranty protection for the car's components. Full risk coverage covers the widest range of components. This applies to all components of the car that are not mentioned in the list of exceptions in the policy. In turn, the 15 and 7 component coverage includes only those components that are mentioned in the list of components included in the coverage. Choose the most suitable for you!



Application procedure

As the new car extended warranty is granted immediately after the end of the car manufacturer's warranty, during which it has been serviced and repaired by a certified dealer, no additional inspection of the car at the dealer service center is required before the new car extended warranty takes effect. In the case of the used car extended warranty, it is necessary to assess the condition of the car at the dealer's service center before drawing up the policy and making a price offer. The costs of inspecting the car at the service are covered by the owner in accordance with the pricing of the standard service hours.

Pricing of the extended warranty

The price of the extended warranty is calculated for each car individually, taking into account its mileage, date of first registration and other factors, as well as the Expiry period of the policy, mileage limit and type of coverage. The following is an approximate example of how the price of the warranty is calculated.


Coverage territory, claim submission

The extended warranty operates without restriction in the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) and Finland. Outside the Baltic States and Finland, the warranty is valid for up to 84 days a year. Claims are submitted in the Baltic States as follows:

  1. the customer must inform the Mercedes-Benz dealer of any possible claims immediately, but no later than within 10 working days of the event / detection;
  2. the indemnity must be claimed during the term of the policy, even if the repairs can only be carried out after the end of the policy;
  3. the customer must deliver the car to the Mercedes-Benz;
  4. do not continue to drive the car if it may cause further damage;
  5. If the car cannot move due to damage, it must be taken to the dealer using a tow truck.

Ownership change

The extended warranty can be transferred a new car owner with the agreement from the insurer. Make sure that all documents of the extended warranty have been handed over to the new owner! To find out more about changing ownership of the extended warranty, please contact the Domenikss Service Center.

How to apply for the extended warranty?

In order to receive an appropriate extended warranty offer for your car and make sure that it qualifies for one of the types of warranty, please contact Domenikss extended warranty specialists or visit the Domenikss service center.

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